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Pecos Bill Issues Challenge to Reeves County Commissioners Court

A guest blog by Pecos Bill
Crime Stoppers is looking for you. They are on the look-out for a couple of dumpers who have been "Messin' wit Texas" by dumping on Reeves County employees.

Word's out that on September 10th, the Reeves County Commissioners Court will be asked to consider whether to assign county employees of Reeves County Detention Center I, II & III to an HMO, while canceling their Blue Cross & Blue Shield Insurance. And since Sam Contreras is recommending it, that means it WILL BE APPROVED by a county commission become notorious for its Yes-Man attitude of "mi familia mas sanctia than thou."

Where the expected savings are to be applied is rumored to be "a family matter."

Inquiring minds want to know: Did Sam Contreras, his Yes-Man Commission and Linda Clark win election to county office as Democrats? Or not? The editors of This Ain't My First Rodeo are wondering, because....gosh, these officials just are not behaving like Democrats. You know, that traditional American party of the people that represents the interests of the working class?

The HMO being considered is rumored to be one of those stripped down scams that requires full medical payment up front along with a limited choice of physician from a pre-approved HMO list. Reimbursement must come after application and submission for reimbursement of fees to the HMO after the doctor visit.....if you're lucky. Even then, it might take months to get your money back while the HMO draws interest off of it, delaying payment to the very last moment while they squeeze your turnip for all its blood.

Why, honored commissioners, what a wonderful idea! If the people you represent had enough money then they wouldn't have to work for Reeves County in the first place.

Watch these "creative" financial geniuses closely, folks. Being experts at "budgetary problem solving" they will be providing all the manipulative sound-bites for their local, effectively neo-conservative solutions to Ol' Smokey and his Rupert Murdock-like Yes-Man Press at the Pecos Enterprise for front page propaganda.

In fact, in today's paper [Friday, Aug. 31] City officials have already begun whining about how they need to freeze the budget because of the weather! Gee-Whiz, folks. And all this time we thought Smokey & His Mind Bandits didn't even believe in this subtly implicated culprit -- Global Warming -- and here they are giving it venue.

They're right-wing "conservatives" down at the paper, you know [READ: covert racists of the mindless neocon-authoritarian stripe, prisoners of the Socratic Cave with the affirmed status as front-pew believers in the Bush-Is-Our-Born-Again-Evangelical-Messiah Party, gonna save us from Islamist Jihadist dressed as illegal immigrants come to bomb us, bleed our treasury, steal our cantaloupes, elope with our daughters and dilute & threaten our materialistic TV cowboy culture and paranoid sense of law & order with runaway birthrates and Dies y Seis Celebrations that encourage Popery and foment rebellious ideas of equality that come smoked on Juneteenth with bar-B-Q ribs and a slice of watermelon].

But unlike our county commissioners and members of city council, who apparently wouldn't know a working class from a graduating class or a political party from a cocktail party, at least the publisher and business manager of the local print media are [even if somewhat inarticulate and misinformed] up-front about their ideological affiliations. After all, ex parte, this makes the Pecos press media expert meteorologists, climatologists, economists....and corroboratory liars. All for the price of one-dollar, twice a week. What a bargain! No Christmas bonuses again this year?

To Wit: Why can't they all put their collaborative penny-pinchy little pointed heads together in a more effort-filled, creative, intellectually curious style of problem solving than thus far demonstrated by any of them separately -- problem solving of the sort outside this incurious box dictated to them by a Depression Era zeitgeist of Hooverian belt-tightening, Nationalist & Mexican American fatalism and its tragic sense of life concomitant with that notoriously disempowering illusion of "a culture of poverty" in the Americas that has enabled the banana republics, NAFTA, and Norte Americano corporatist exploitation.

We think there is a better solution than the introduction of exploitative HMO insurance hucksters to historically naive -- but now incredulous and perspicaciously watchful -- Reeves County employees. The Enlightenment is resurgent against these forces of darkness. Here is what one trusting county employee had to say:
"Perhaps if they would just form a little piggy circle in chambers on September 10th, break off into little piggy dyads and then actually touch their pointed little piggy heads to the commissioner next to them, then to another, tête-à-tête, to get the electricity going before coming into full circle with the county judge cranking their pink little piggy tails in Van de Graaff fashion while dancing little piggy jigs, they could generate enough of a mental spark between them all to throw the breaker to the courthouse microphone system and thus sleep undisturbed by the buzz of alternative opinion until their little piggy terms expire, thus 'to do no harm.'"

Keep an eye on this nefarious introduction of the pretentiously innocent HMO, especially with one eye on generally trustworthy but clique-bound "Family-Sammy" and his lethargic riding-your-family-connections Yes-Man Commission as they present their "it's siesta-time so we-give-up-with-our-hands-up," uninspired insurance plan formed of an insipid, culturally isolated, down-trodden learned helplessness, their white-flag offering to the ineluctable winds of fate, an effortless surrender to the great metaphoric constipated elephant in the pocket of lobbyists, that will Dump On county employees without even wiping, ummm, the smile off their faces.

Sadly, the ideologically incongruous county employee HMO insurance solution under consideration has probably remained -- like a wolf in sheep's clothing -- largely unrecognizable to these unsophisticated, underpaid, understaffed, under-appreciated and sometimes under-the-table naive public servants as the corporatist-aligned non-starter that a primitive HBO plan like this one actually is.

Notwithstanding the irony of this remarkable incongruity between the avowed political philosophies of our working class politicians and the principles of caveat emptor, laissez-faire and the unfettered free market economy held by the corporatists-dressed-as-savior that promote them, the problem may in fact be more fundamental in Reeves County -- an endemic lack of sociological imagination inside the county courthouse; or to put it into the vernacular of West Texas -- These guys must have fallen off a turnip truck!

The only way to prevent this intellectually lazy, socially reckless and financially unimaginative shenanigans is to contact your county commissioner during the coming week, through personal visits, letters and/or phone calls. You may even want to consider throwing the bums from office through a:
We must let them know quickly, before they make this mistake, that MORE is expected of them in the way of problem solving than this stop-gap, short-sighted Neo-Hooverian solution to what they mistakenly perceive to be a Depression Era budgetary short-fall with an associated insurance crisis. Their lack of faith in our regional future is showing! Seismographic oil & gas exploration is currently enjoying a resurgence in the entire TransPecos region. Companies are begging for employees. We should be promoting ourselves nationally as the Desert Oasis that we are.

Don't let the current county government dump on its own employees right before the dawning of a new Progressive Age -- an age, following the 2008 national and state elections, that promises to restore a progressive tax structure to our economy, a restoration that in its turn will resurrect the sacred traditional value of noblesse oblige of America's wealthy class who have nevertheless benefited from the fruits of our labor, our technology and our great natural resources while they stumbled crestfallen into the abyss of corporatist greed.

Don't allow our county leaders to give up the hope of our resurrection in these darkest of nights when foreign wars, corporatism and political corruption have driven our spirits to anger and despair.

Indeed, let us issue the American challenge to the honor-bound heroes still left among them of the ancient and paternal obligation to the people who gave them birth and facilitated their grandeur: Never surrender to the corporatist decadence that for the past decade has threatened to enshroud us in the hopelessness of our abandonment by those elitists who are just now losing their grip on our common destiny.

Let us never surrender our dreams of progress, our prayers for an egalitarian future of peace and abundance.

And let us recall to ourselves even, the noble obligation to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, tend to the sick, visit the imprisoned, welcome the immigrant and provide shelter and refuge to the migrant wayfarer and homeless among us [Matt. 25].

In addition to this specific issue -- the government threat against our health security -- we will provide more later as our stumbling county leaders consider -- infelicitously and unimaginatively -- their uninspiring and frightening neo-Hooverian budgetary solutions to what surely must be considered by them -- without a nod to the irony that mocks them -- the climatological affects of global warming and/or just too much rain in the region this season for even the melons in City Hall to appreciate [cf. The Pecos Enterprise for today's [Friday, 08/31/07] incredible headline story on the budget].

As usual, comments are invited.

--Pecos Bill

If you wish to write or call your elected Reeves County representatives, you may retrieve the addresses and phone numbers of Reeves County Judge Sam Contreras & the Reeves County Commissions at the website of the Pecos Area Chamber of Commerce.

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