Monday, August 27, 2007

Rick Noriega Has Emerged as the Preeminent Candidate in the US Senate Race in Texas

John Cornyn [Rep Tex], Vice President Dick Cheney's yes-man in the US Senate, has got to go! Cornyn's association with the now infamously corrupt national GOP machine is probably more the result of somnambulism and his tail-tucking ride on Dubya's coattails -- which proves he can't even be trusted to be competently corrupt on his own. He has voted with Cheney when Cheney's own party refused to vote with Cheney. In fact, the editors here believe there must be a red button in Cheney's office that logs Cornyn's votes on the Senate floor while he snoozes.

The question begs itself as a result of the recent scandals: What will this guy do now that Rove and Gonzalez [and a handful of others] are gone to their demise in disgrace? Answer: Follow them back to Texas in his sleep.

There is a solution:

Please check-out this video about Rick Noriega for US Senate and give us your feedback. We particularly like his leadership experience in the Texas House of Representatives where he served five terms, his leadership during the Katrina Crisis, his sense of the real military priority in dealing with the nation's off-track response to 9/11 [we short circuited our efforts in Afghanistan to invade Iraq, thus exploiting the 9/11 tragedy on behalf of the neocon war hawks], his dedicated energy, his focus on the people rather than on the corporatist giants who have sold-out America for the almighty dollar, the intelligence he brings to problem solving and his enlightened awareness of the real issues of state.


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