Thursday, August 23, 2007

The writers at The Balmorhea Progressive are pleased to announce:

This ain't my first rodeo...

...a blog dedicated to members of the working class with a progressive attitude -- those members of construction trades, teamsters, oil field workers, mechanics, waitstaff, barbers and stylists, corrections officers, border patrol agents, police officers and other law enforcement employees, clerks, miners, fishermen, dock workers, priests, ministers, rabbis, mullahs, senseis, tulkus, rinpoches, immigrant farm workers and entrepreneurs, technicians and factory workers and anyone else who celebrates the gift of "a native intelligence unencumbered by an education," whether degreed, GEDed, or not.*

Neo-conservatives, right-wing authoritarian personalities and their lock-stepping followers, fundamentalist religi0-fascists, Republicans and Libertarian wing-nuts, Minutemen terrorists, corporatists and their lobbyists are invited to make comments but should be forewarned that all or part of your contributions may be forwarded to satirical or parody-minded websites for purposes of humor and public mockery.

If you are racist, ethnocentric, "super-patriotic," anti-immigrant, xenophobic, zen-o-phobic, homophobic, sexist, Islamist, Christianist, anti-humanist, anti-Semitic, regressively evangelical or intolerant of the world's religious traditions, then you might as well go ahead and kiss my ass right now before you upset yourself and have to take the day off later. We have to put up with your insufferable ignorance and self-righteousness on the job to keep ours; but when we punch-out, we drive past the draconian caves of semi-consciousness where y'all slumber among televised daydreams related to the poisoning of Socrates, while we head whistling away toward the light of reason and universal spiritual principles. So stay off our zafus! Otherwise, if you think you can remain as innocuously docile as when sitting hungover in church being programmed for the Crusades, feel free to check your guns at the cattle guard and visit our campsite; but we suggest you stop-off with our team of shade-tree anger management camp-counselors on the way out before getting back on the virtual super highway with a rag-on.

And remember: If you drink, don't type; if you type, don't snort, smoke or shoot-up.

Everyone else who suffers like ourselves, trudging day-to-day along the road to progress and happy destiny, is invited to link to us, share your issues, news, gossip, comments, concerns, prayers and dreams as we sort through the bullshit produced for mass consumption in Pax Amerikana.

*NOTES: Postal workers must consent to a mental health assessment/screening by a qualified professional barber or show proof of parole/probation monitoring. All others who present with certifiable "crazy thinking" (with the exception of Zen masters) must provide a letter of recommendation from your AA/NA sponsor before posting in our "13th-Step Forum."

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