Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Medical Insurance: The Horror

L.A. blogger, Fire Dog Lake posted a brief article on medical insurance and was suddenly swamped with comments relating the horrors of dealing with Health Management Orgs (HMOs).

Late last week, we posted a story about the September 10th meeting of the Reeves County Commissioners Court during which they plan to discuss dropping Blue Cross & Blue Shield for a cheaper carrier, effecting Reeves County employees. Continuing to track this development, which the Commissioners apparently have been keeping on the down-low in order to avoid controversy, we've discovered through unofficial sources that they are now saying 3-4 plans will be discussed, not just the one, as we initially reported.

Most county employees we have contacted want to keep the current Blue Cross & Blue Shield coverage and have begun to contact their commissioners to weigh-in against a change. In fact, employees are in an uproar over the proposal, one that appeared destined to pass without a fight, or so it was hoped by County Judge Sam Contreras, according to anonymous sources working for the county.

Crime Stoppers may have found the dumpers they were looking for late last week -- Sam Contreras and his cabal of Yes-Men. Contact your commissioners and voice your opinion.


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