Sunday, September 2, 2007

Texas Democratic Presidential Straw Poll

Not to be outdone by the Republicans, who selected California's Representative Hunter as their presidential favorite in a straw poll conducted yesterday, The Texas Democratic Party is offering an e-Primary Poll at its site. You can vote throughout the week.

While you're there, stop-off and post a comment on behalf of Reeves County at the Reeves County Progressive, buried somewhere in the confetti at the Texas Democrats website.

Okay, I'll go ahead and admit it: I voted for Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico. I know he doesn't stand a chance against the money backing Hillary, Obama and Edwards -- and especially that the State Clique, dominated from Austin, Houston and Dallas, is pushing southern boy, John Edwards as the favorite son of the South -- but I just think if I can stir up a ruckus for him, he may stand a chance as a long-shot vice-presidential pick.

By the time the primary circuit riders make it to Texas, it may be too late for Texas Dems to push even John Edwards, who I don't like -- he's just not very charismatic. The motivation behind Hillary may already be too great to stop her from rolling into the national convention with all the delegates she needs.

Richardson is the best statesman of the lot. He has the most foreign policy experience and may even be the most intelligent. From a West Texas point of view, Richardson brings a lot of political muscle to the region, he's 3/4 Latino and has the most progressive immigration plank. Given the changing ethnic demographics, especially in the Southwest, Richardson may best represent the future of the Democratic Party in the 21st Century.

If he's lucky enough to win the VP position, he'll be a shoe-in when the Right-Wing-Nuts in the country go berzerko and kidnap the woman or the black president with the Muslim name and hide them in a cattle shed in Idaho until the toe tappin' is over in Boise.

Despite my soap box, and despite that you, my reader, my be infinitely more practical and moderate than me, now is a good time to start becoming engaged in the process. So go and vote in the straw poll and let's all see what kind of candidate Texans are backing in the early rounds.

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