Friday, November 23, 2007

November 22, 1963 -- The Day Fascism Came to America



Oliver Stone's depiction above comes amazingly close to the most recent archival research, summarized by David Talbut in his 2007 book, Brothers: The Hidden History of the Kennedy Years. Brothers does not go nearly as far as Stone was willing to go in asserting as strongly that the Military Industrial Complex, LBJ, and the top military brass were responsible for Kennedy's demise due to Kennedy's secret plan to withdraw from Vietnam and secure a peace with Cuba, but Kennedy's attempts to end the cold war, including withdrawing from Vietnam and coming to terms with Castro were certainly floated as strongly indicated central motives driving the conspiracy -- yes, the conspiracy.

Late President Gerald Ford's forthcoming book will assert that Oswald acted alone. This assertion has become the sound-bite of the "lone assassin theory" that continues to function as a disingenuous defense of the Bush Family, Nixon, LBJ, the Joint Chiefs, Allen Dulles (And the Warren Commission Cover-up of which Ford was a part), and the Mafia bosses who are currently taking the fall based on available documents released by the Kennedy archives.

George Bush, Dick Cheney and the Zionist Neocons now represent the multigenerational force of fascism (I do not use the word lightly) that currently holds the reins of power over a Corporatist style of government that replicates the models of WWII Germany and Italy.

For an impressive MUST HEAR review of the 1963 U.S. Corporatist-Military Coup that carried out the JFK Assassination, why it was of done on behalf of the Military Industrial Complex and its effects on The Vietnam War, the Cold War, the Gulf War and the current war in Iraq, as well as the coming war against Iran and Syria followed by an American takeover of the entire region around the Caspian Sea, listen to the KPFA-Pacifica Radio interview of researcher John Judge by Guns & Butter radio journalist Bonnie Faulkner, The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Part I and Part II.

To the Memory of John Fitzgerald Kennedy -- may he rest in peace.


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