Sunday, December 2, 2007

"...and a time for every purpose under heaven."

The Beginning of the end for him came at Strom Thurman's 100th birthday celebration where he made remarks interpreted as racist, forcing him to step down as Majority Leader of the Senate. Now, hypocrite-chasing publisher Larry Flynt says he has the goods on Chester Trent Lott [his real name] and will soon release the results of his investigation into the now retiring senator's secret double life. So far, Lott has proffered at least two reasons for his early retirement but one thing is clear: His season "under the sun" with the family values party has passed. Now, moving on from escort services inside his Washington closet, he will join Tom DeLay in an orgy with real money changers.

Trent Lott sent a small ripple through Washington yesterday by announcing that he will resign by the end of this year. Lott's resignation ends his 35-year career in the Senate, and comes a full five years before the end of his six-year term.

In a prepared statement, Lott explained that he decided to resign because:

". . . we went to First Baptist Jackson, and . . . Stan Buckley, just happened to preach on Ecclesiastes 3:1: 'There's a time for everything and everything -- a special time for everything under heaven': I believe that's the paraphrase, but he just seemed to be speaking to me."


Does Trent Lott realize that he was attempting to quote from a book in the Hebrew Bible dealing with meaninglessness, vanity and vainglory? Sometimes the irony is just too much. On top of that, the particular verse that he claims inspired him was most famously quoted in Trent’s Baby-Boom generation by the Byrds as an anti-war song.

BTW, Senator Lott: “…a time for peace; I swear it’s not too late.”


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