Thursday, January 31, 2008

Here is an editorial piece I posted on today's Wayne Madsen Report [subscription required] in response to a frustraded member's comments blaming "Zionist Jews" for the current American political and economic crisis.  You can find the entire article and discussion that inspired my rejoinder at "With McCain as GOP frontrunner, time to return to Yankee Station and 1967" on WMR.

But first, here is our frustrated member's media contribution to the main topic, apparently an independent attempt to swiftboat John McCain, one that subversively seems to raise questions tainted by a subtle racism implying the involvement of the Obama Campaign.

David, use of the term "Zionism" is one thing and there certainly is cause for concern regarding the power of lobbies in general in the United States. Among them is one of the most powerful, one that is associated with the Straussian Neoconservative seizure of power as well as the Pentagon's Larry Franklin espionage scandal related to the Iraq War AND the ongoing AIPAC-ATC espionage/nuclear/opium smuggling scandal that WMR has been on top of since the very beginning.

I'm referring of course to the Israel Lobby, which has been carefully analyzed in the recent controversial publication by John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt -- controversial within the lobbying community that supports the "neoconservative movement," that is.

I think most of us will agree that lobbies have corrupted the democratic process, especially in the House of Representatives where Republican Majority Leader Tom DeLay and lobbyist Jack Abramoff, at the height of Republican power, were responsible for rewriting the legislative rules of the House. Their combined efforts have resulted in House rules that kill all discussion of bills proposed by them by bringing them to the floor for a vote in less time than a speed-reader could keep up with the pace. At the same time, those who cooperated were provided with “earmarks” that were written into each piece of Legislation ahead of time so that fellow Republicans had opportunities to grab a bite of the pork as it rushed through on the way to passage. This resulted in a record pork barrel spending cook-off at a magnitude 600% above the previous Democratic Party record established during the wasteful days of “the Welfare State,” against which Reagan railed -- all by a “conservative” Republican Party once noted for its strident stinginess. At the same time, DeLay’s rewrite of House rules enabled corruption of such intumescence as to despoil and dishonor our Republic as if she were the revealed Whore of Babylon of Evangelistic prophesy and Rastafarian notoriety. The political and economic traumas they have caused are wounds from which the republic has not yet begun to recover effectively, no thanks to a stunned, demurred and confused Democratic Party House leadership.

And why not take the money and run? Why not bitch-slap this sour old widow of the Enlightenment and snatch her purse? It was not corporate tax dollars that paid for this banquet of buzzards; the corporate taxes of those who had not already scampered away to safe tax havens such as the Virgin Islands, Bahrain or the Bahamas, had been slashed to the bone. Both the Iraqi War and the Republican kick-back-pork-party were being paid for by the working class while the legislative bills they rode into law stripped American workers of our right to overtime pay, bankruptcy protection, civil liberties, national infrastructure, unions, jobs ("outsourced") fair and decent health care, real and effective "homeland security" at ports and along our borders, veterans' benefits and very nearly our social security benefits.  

Thanks to Grover Norquest's dictum of "drowning the government in its own bathwater" Tom DeLay, Dick Cheney, George Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz and a host of corporatist cronies gutted the treasury while forcing Congress to borrow from foreign sources such as the Chinese in order to support BushCo and his Cheney-led neocon war for empire in the Middle East. We now face recession and a possible future depression while these crooks and the elitists they serve abscond to a Globalized Economy now centered in Europe on the Euro leaving us "the empty bag." Incredulously, the economic fixes they now offer up amount to more of the same economic incompetence.  

David, while I understand your frustration (I share it too) can we not make this thing about "the Zionist Jews"? That's a simplistic form of scapegoating, a particularly pernicious form of scapegoating that the Nazis used to seize power in post-Weimar republican Germany in the midst of economic crisis. It’s the type of scapegoating being implemented in media doses across the Southwest against migrant workers and their families in order to scare up the white vote, whites who are being told it’s the Mexicans who are taking their jobs, not the corporatists who have restructured the economy into a borderless wasteland that benefits companies like Wal-Mart and its union-busting business policies.

You might be surprised to know, David, that many "Neoconservatives" -- while very many of them are in fact ethnic Jews who coalesced into a political movement focusing on hawkish foreign policy imperatives under Reagan after Carter allowed the Shaw to fall and thereby failed to check the Islamist Movement that now threatens the security of Israel, our dearest ally in the region -- oh yes, many, if not most, "Neoconservatives" are functionally agnostic. One hundred million repetitions of “Baruch atta Adonai, Eloheinu melech ha-olam, sheh'hech'iyanu v'kiy'manu, …” from a hundred thousand synagogues in ten thousand cities did not make this happen. 

Our anger should not be focused on a religious orientation, one that is not in the least monolithically aligned with Zionism; rather, we should be challenging the Machiavellian undercurrents of a political movement that avoids the democratic process by enlisting the elite in corrupting the people's representatives through lobbies and special interest groups. We should be confronting the propagandists who manipulated a nation of conservative, covertly racist evangelicals into voting for “The Rapture” so that they would not be “left behind” at the Apocalypse as George Bush is “taken up to heaven.” We should be arresting and trying the leaders of Dibold and its technicians for helping them steal two national elections and facilitating The Machine. We should be feeding the lies of the media to them intravenously. We should be impeaching the members of the conspiratorial “Supreme Nines.” We should be challenging at every election and every recall the authoritarian hawks that have seized control of our once great republic via a fabricated construct they call "the unitary presidency," an absurdity that amounts to Mussolini fascism in American redux.


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