Friday, February 1, 2008

Reeves County Commissioner, Pct. 3; Saul Hererra, man of integrity; man of experience; man of the people.

Reeves County Commissioner for Pct.3, Saul Hererra just dropped by. Amazing! He is going door-to-door like an old Yellow Dog Democrat, campaigning here in Balmorhea, shaking hands and greeting friends and neighbors. I'm impressed!

Commissioner Hererra is up for reelection on March 4th . I had already made a personal commitment to support him a couple of weeks ago but his personal touch in Balmorhea reinforced my decision and I delayed him long enough to get him to place a placard in my yard and introduced him to my neighbors. Of course, he already knows everybody....long before I met them myself.

Among many recent projects, we in Balmorhea appreciate his support in keeping the Balmorhea branch of Reeves County Library
funded so that it remains a central institution in a small town with one of the best community independent school districts in the state. He helped the kids -- young, middle-aged and old alike-- by erecting lights over the baseball park. Now we can injure ourselves at night chasing fly balls.

Because of Commissioner Hererra, we in Balmorhea continue to depend upon local Emergency Medical Services [EMS] on standby dispensing with the risk of life-threatening delays waiting for emergency assistance from Pecos, as in the past.

He supported to very recent completion The Balmorhea Community Center, which now enhances our community and social lives.

He not only helped to build the Reeves County Detention Center Complex as it exists today in three independent units under 10-year B.O.P. contract; but also, he insisted on the integrity of the political process that established it as one of the major employers in Reeves County at a time when jobs were dwindling and the community was stressing under economic hard times and population attrition.

As part of his call for integrity and financial responsibility, Commissioner Hererra saw to it that we dismissed at the earliest practical opportunity in the political process the K-Street lobbyist who was collecting $300,000/year, and whose questionable family and political connections to his notorious wheeler-dealer brother, Tom “The Hammer” DeLay and the equally infamous Jack Abramoff, were causing a deeply wounding atmosphere of suspicion regarding the possibility of creeping corruption within our community.

“The way things are done in Washington” wasn’t good enough for home-grown
Saul Hererra, known far and wide as hard working and honest though his own merit, reputable friendships, business ethics of a lasting quality beyond-reproach, and dedicated long-term civic service.

Commission Saul Hererra is working to insure the county’s road and bridge infrastructure as well as its historic landmarks and community structures. The community of Saragosa holds him in high regard for his advocation for a federal grant, recently awarded for new roofing and repairs to the Saragosa Multi-Purpose Center.

Saul holds an array of public service offices, independent family-owned business management responsibilities, and local Church membership that attest to his commitment to the citizens of Reeves County as well as his management skills and his to spiritual growth, a spiritual relationship that inspires his every endeavor. These include membership on the Board of Directors for the Pecos Area Chamber of Commerce and Vice Chairmanship of the Community Council of Reeves County, both of which seek the objectives through concentrated recruitment of state, federal and foreign government (Mexico) agency placement, grants and awards as well as new business opportunities and corporate relocations that will enhance the greater goal of community economic development.

I fully endorse and offer my renewed support to Reeves County, Pct. 3; Commissioner Saul Hererra.

--Progress (but not perfection)
Editor of the Balmorhea Progressive
& This Ain't My First Rodeo (Statewide Democratic Blogs)

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