Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hillary: Holding Out for a Dream;Or Holding Forth on a Nightmare?

I'm going to stick my neck out and make a prediction. You heard it first on This Ain't My First Rodeo [and on the Wayne Madsen Report]

The Clintons have stuck it out this long and common sense itself now demands that Hillary drops from the race on behalf of party unity. But, if I read them correctly, the Clintons have always been closer to the neocon "middle" than any other candidate. Declaring themselves "New Democrats" and racing everyone else to the middle was the strategy they used to beat an incumbent Bush-41 in the wake of the conservative "Reagan Revolution."

McCain has been nailed down on the far right, probably with the help of the Clintons in the back rooms. They are currently furiously working to associate him with the Reverend John Hagee, a right wing-nut. The country has had it with these hate-filled apocalyptic Dominionists who have sold their populist souls to the elite corporatists of "the Military-industrial Complex."

We've all figured out by now they are not really even "Christian," at least in the ancient foundations they themselves would have a revivalist America focus upon -- they are Zealots, the chief rivals of early Christians who struggled to come to terms with Roman occupation in the midsts of The Jewish Wars of Zealot insurgency that led to the destruction of the Second Temple in 68 AD, followed by the Great Diaspora and th
e final stand of Zealot forces at Masada in the second century. Early Christianity thus took hold among the Hellenized general diaspora of Jews already scattered throughout the Roman Empire. Once the decision was made to admit into full communion the Gentiles who had already taken an interest in Judaism, the course for peace and reconciliation with the reality of Rome's supremacy "in the world" was set. The next stage of development, in the face of the persecutions, occurred when the Christianized diaspora began to distance themselves from the the Jews of the homeland whose Zealot insurrections they saw as the cause of their persecutions as Jews. This began with the efforts of Paul to convince Nero that the Christians were of a different character and that they intended to remain "subject to the higher authorities." St. Paul never saw the affects of his writing; nevertheless, the final and complete severance from Judaism occurred in the fourth century when Constantine declared of political necessity,Christianity the religion of the realm without ever having been baptized himself.

Stay with me; I'm not just bullshitting for the sake of bullshitting.

Any educated "Christian" knows full well that the Messiah was not a messiah of insurrection; he was "The Prince of Peace." So in reaction to the arch-conservative nationalism and triumphalism of right-wing Zealots such as Richard Land, Rev. John Hagee, Pat Robertson and the politicians wh
o have exploited them, there has emerged within the various populist movements a pervasive ethical and religious ambiguity. This cultural ambiguity can be summarized as a confusing mix of metaphors, for example the leftest Christian view of "Washington-as-Rome" versus its polar opposite in the left-wing Zealot black community, "Washington-as-Babylon" versus the extreme right-wing view that the Catholic Church is the Whore of Babylon in Rome. To wit, any less strident, tolerant and ethically directed notion of the historical and political role of Christianity in a secular society has to come to terms with the democratic concept of pluralism with its inclusive respect for both the inalienable rights of the individual and minorities, as well as the safeguards against the tyranny of the majority institutionalized in the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. Opposing the ever resurgent Theocracy sought by the Extreme Right from age to age, this more Enlightened pluralistic view of our forefathers moves the multifarious and contravening institutions of religion which from time to time run afoul of Civil Liberties with the best of intentions, to a more peripheral political role of influence, while respecting their universal spiritual value, by avoiding absolutist and authoritarian abuse in the nation's own state of affairs.

if only for the sake of respite, we leave the Book of Revelations to the realm of the angles without forsaking the Gospels, we can acknowledge that mainstream Christianity represents The Kingdom of Heaven which is "IN the world but not OF the world." The recognition of this universal spiritual principle calls us to an altogether higher level of freedom. Subsequently, as the underlying scriptural ambiguities brought to light by our contemporary "Culture Wars" are worked through in the mainstream, the ongoing reconciliation process is driving folks of all extremes back to a less confrontational, less muscular Middle Way, to a place more in partnership with "the poor" and in identification with their suffering. Moreover, the traditional Christian notions of community, compassion, reconciliation, surrender, conversion at depth, spiritual growth and the longing for Peace -- The Way of Wisdom -- seem ever resilient in the face of such Zealotry as we have tolerated from the authoritarian Right to the point of impatience. A coalition of human secularists with mainstream Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Native American and various "churched" and "unchurched" is beginning to emerge into a new Progressivism and is drawing populists of every tradition back to that middle place.

And Here Waits the Clintons.
Hillary is holding on, working the split within the Democratic Party so that in September or early October she will have brought the nation to the great political nexus that has been coming anyway.

The Independent Party candidate for 2008
who will win the presidency will be

Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The "October Surprise" of 2008

Independent Joe Lieberman will move quickly to endorse her followed by hundreds from both parties, perhaps even Rush Limbaugh who knows full well where his bread is buttered.

John McCain will go away into retirement exasperated and confused.

John Edwards will have recognized that holding off any endorsement of Obama was wise for him personally but traitorous to the cause of Progressivism.
*The only viable candidate with any chance of facing Clinton in 2012 will come from a new Progressive Party, formed under resentment by minority members and ideologically dedicated liberals who felt betrayed by a Democratic Party turned "independent" who abdicated their economic and social responsibilities to the people while appropriating the "Southern Strategy" to maintain its hold on power.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

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