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WW-III: DEA Disinformation Chatter Sending Up Red Flags in Mexico, Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay & Venezuela

Just this week, my news filters started picking up what increasingly appears to be a disinformation campaign aimed at "poisoning the well" in Latin America:
* "DEA Reports Show That Mexican Cartel 'Thugs' Are Receiving Training From Iranian Revolutionary Guard"

* "Mexican Drug Cartels and Islamic Radicals Working Together"

* "The Caracas-Tehran Axes"
Something is up. They are cranking up the propaganda machine perhaps in preparation for a future deployment of U.S. forces in Mexico, Colombia and/or Paraguay. For now, their intention seems to be to threaten and to terrorize. Imagine that.

Mexico, in stoking up the heat on the drug cartels, has fallen into anarchy within its northern states along the U.S. border. Although the Bush Administration recently announced funding support for the Mexican military in their violent struggle against the Sinaloa Federation and Gulf Cartels, it is possible that more direct support may have been “placed on the table,” even though the cartels have devolved into interior power struggles and internecine wars for territorial control.

Ecuador is lining up with our OPEC "enemy," Venezuela, who currently supplies 25% of our imported oil. Both are currently experiencing diplomatic conflagrations with the right-wing government of Colombia, which the Bush Administration supports. Issues involve Colombia's alleged cross-border incursions into Ecuador and Venezuela in pursuit of left-wing guerrillas whom Colombia claims have been given sanctuary by them. Venezuela has vehemently denied any support.

All the while, the Bush Administration has recommissioned the 4th Fleet and sent it to the Caribbean off the coast of Venezuela. The Navy has already launched acts of provocation, in the form of "accidental" flyovers of Venezuelan island territories in the Caribbean, drawing protests from Chavez. At the same time, Ecuador demanded that the United States close its airbase in that country, which we did, moving it to Colombia.

Last week, it was revealed that George W. Bush's man in Bogota, President Álvaro Uribe [right], just happens to be one of the former captains of Colombia's infamous Madeline cocaine cartel, led by Pablo Escobar [left], who was "reportedly" killed in a joint operation of DEA and Colombian government forces in the 90s. What appears to have occurred is that CIA and Mossad handlers lost control over both Escobar and Daniel Noriega of Panama after Vice President George H. W. Bush, Oliver North and John P. Walters, who is not surprisingly the current "Drug Czar" under George W. Bush-43, spent so much "persuasive" effort in bringing them into the CIA Colombian "plaza" in order to benefit the Contra counter-revolution against Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua.

It has been a general rule in Latin America that if the government was a first generation democracy emerging from the neo-liberal thumb of American corporatism, then the drug "plaza" was run by the CIA against them in order to raise illegal covert funding for groups like the Contras in Nicaragua, mentioned above; ergo, the infamous Iran-Contra Affair. But now, competition has arisen even in the underworld as resurgent left-wing movements, such as Colombia's FARC, have moved into "the plaza" to take their "cut" of the profits in order to buy arms; although, the Bush and Uribe governments have announced that FARC is all but defeated.

Much of the time, it is the U.S. arms industry providing the arms for the left and the right and now, evidence has begun to emerge that Mossad has always been active in the region as a silent partner to the CIA. Some have even accused Mossad of covertly "outing" the CIA by deferring all of the blame for Iran-Contra onto President George H. W. Bush, who outrightly favored the oil rich Arab nations over the national interests of Israel in the immediate years of the Soviet's demise in the Cold War. Now they feel much more comfortable with his -- let's face it -- idiot son, who has allowed an obviously compromised and corrupted Richard Cheney, stumbling along in the secure hands of a cabal of sayanim neocons with their promise to create wealth for the American oligarchy, to take over the American government from the shadows. So go the recent accusations from the underground press.

We all should be keeping our eyes on Latin America as our politicians, both conservative (McCain) and "progressive" (Obama) refine their respective "opposing" positions on a possible withdrawal from Iraq, only to redeploy them to Afghanistan while looking askance at Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador for their alleged cooperation with the cocaine cartels. The controlled press has been cooperative in covering stories of strengthening Taliban forces in South Asia but such a redeployment would only represent a shell game.

Indeed, the press is jabbering on behalf of the Pentagon, calling for more troops in Afghanistan and publishing stories of U.S. troops on the verge of being overwhelmed at the same time the Latin American press is being planted with stories regarding an eminent DEA paramilitary operation in South America [see stories cited above]. Afghanistan happens to be conveniently located on the Northeastern border of Iran.

Personally, what this writer perceives is the opportunity to set up and execute a classic pincer movement [cf. article below] against Iran from Iraq's southeastern or northeastern border and from Afghanistan's southwestern border. At the same time, the Pentagon may set aside a regiment or two for redeployment against OPEC's Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, who has formed an alliance with Iran's Ahmadinejad, even moving to the Euro currency for Venezuelan oil/gas transactions just as Saddam Hussein did and Iran has now done, except in the case of the latter, Iran has opened its bourse to a number of currencies other than the dollar.

In fact, this amounts to the same formula by which Zbigniew Brzezinski, Jimmy Carter's National Security Adviser, at first drew Russian military forces into Afghanistan by attacking their puppet regime in Kabul with U.S. surrogate Mujaheddin forces; and then by covertly supporting the Mujaheddin against them in an extended, Vietnam-like debacle in order to get them to dump their GNP into a costly war with no return, one that would devalue the ruble and then break them. Yet this is exactly the trap the Bush/Cheney Administration has fallen into in Iraq. It would not surprise anyone to discover that -- out of retaliation -- Russian economic advisers inspired first Saddam Hussein and then Iran and Venezuela to reject the dollar for oil transactions, thus bringing the full force of the U.S. foreign debt onto our own heads as the dollar is replaced as the coin of the realm by the Euro. The U.S. is betting that the dollar will survive all challenges, including this speculative one.

The Afghanistan redeployment will proceed, despite the State Department's initiation of talks with Iran, a diplomatic strategy forsworn by Bush until now. Israel is said to be on the verge of issuing a scathing denouncement of a negotiated settlement, even though they have begun negotiating with Syria. Their fear is that the U.S. will withdraw leaving them vulnerable to future aggression by Iran, who maintains the strongest military presence in the Middle East, opposite Israel's. Both Israel and the United States want assurances that Iran will not enrich uranium that could be used to develop nuclear weapons, but this artificially precludes the possibility of Iran procuring enriched uranium from Russia or China, their allies in trade.

Therefor, a dual diplomatic and a military strategy appear to be in the offing, but many cautious pundits have opined that Bush is only going through diplomatic paces so that he can later claim he tried everything possible to avoid war, a tactic he used against Saddam Hussein that was later documented to have been disingenuous and perfunctory from the beginning. Bush is known to have an unrealistic need for certainty; negotiated settlements could never assuage his anxiety. Besides, one of the primary Straussian (neoconservative) goals set out by PNAC beyond securing Israel is to insure that the Soviet Union is never again resurrected to threaten another expansion of her empire into the oil rich Caspian and Middle East regions or into Afghanistan to secure southeastern pipeline routes to the coastline of Pakistan. The best way to prevent a resurgence of the Soviet empire, neocons aggressively assert, is to replace it in the region with our own.

Given Obama's initial opposition to the invasion of Iraq, for Barack Obama to call for (now a staged) withdrawal, one supported by Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki of Iraq, at the same time he promotes sending troops to Afghanistan, is disingenuous at worse and inadequately informed at best. Since he is now being handled by some of the top insider foreign policy experts in the country, my estimation is that he and his campaign staff are being duplicitous. Notwithstanding the secret mission established by Cheney to secure for ourselves the trans-Afghanistan pipelines from the Caspian and the gas rich region of South Asia west of there, the stated reason for going into Afghanistan originally was to eliminate al-Qaida in the wake of 9/11. The Taliban became a secondary issue once we invaded despite their current resurgence. Nevertheless, I'm sure Obama thinks his position is now more "nuanced."

Prime Minister of Iraq, Nouri al-Maliki

UPDATE: A story picked up today on Right Side News, entitled, "US Denies Report of Cartel Training in Iran," appears to be either a poor translation of the cautious editorial we found or a story that appeared the same day in Mexico City's El Universal quoting other sources. When the editor of This Ain't My First Rodeo researched the archives of El Universal he came up with a completely different take, one that quoted officials of the Mexican Department of Justice as attributing the alleged DEA reports of Iranian training of Mexican narcotraficantes [see articles linked at the stop of our story] to "an anonymous informer" from the U.S. State Department.

The El Universal editorial that we reviewed stated that spokespersons at the Iranian Embassy in Mexico City have attributed this week's multiple reports of Iranian complicity with Mexico's drug cartels to disinformation sources originating with the American intelligence services who have been alleging that members of Mexico's Sinaloa and Gulf Cartels have trained "right along beside Lebanese and Palestinian Hamas, Hezbollah, PLO and al-Qaeda recruits inside Iran" [loose but accurate translation] .


UPDATE II: Violencia de cárteles no es narcoterrorismo: EU -- El secretario de seguridad interior lamenta sofisticación para transportar drogas

Yesterday (07-19-08), another article by El Universal reported that during a meeting with Mexican security officials to iron out details of the incipeint Merida Initiative, Michael Chertoff was said to have discounted the level of violence recently unleashed by the Mexican Cartels, stating that it does not rise either to the level of narcoterrorism experienced in Colombia several years back or to level of ongoing acts of terrorism currently witnessed in the Middle East. According to the article, he went on to say that technology for fashioning weapons used by terrorists can be gotten from the internet.

He seemed to be attempting to allay fears that Mexico's drug cartels would soon be escalating their level of violence using training and technology available through recently alleged international connections with Hamas, Hezbollah, the PLO or al-Qaeda. He reportedly encouraged the security officials that the recent capture of a cocaine laden mini-submarine off the coast of Oaxaca demonstrated the effectiveness of combining intelligence resources in order to defeat the cartels and stem the flow of drugs into the United States.

They also discussed George Bush's plan for a "comprehensive immigration plan" that would encourage the temporary assistance of Mexican migrant workers, "because it recognized that manpower is needed in diverse industrial sectors" of the United States.

Mexican official Juan Camilo Mouriño reported stated during the session on the implementation of the Mérida Initiative that he "trusted that in a short time the resources in species and qualification for the bilateral combat to the drug cartels will be transferred."

The word "species" always makes me thing of denominations of currency -- big denominations. I'll bet he is indeed getting anxious for the "transfer."


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