Monday, July 14, 2008

The New Yorker: Satire That Missed the Irony

Oh, but The New Yorker Magazine has so missed the mark if it thinks its satirical point is still relevant that Obama is a progressive with integrity and not the person the right-wing is projecting him to be, as humorously depicted. The joke's on them. That cartoon was drawn before Obama voted in favor of FISA, announced support for Bush's faith based initiative, hailed the Supremes' hand-gun song and dance, pandered to the anti-choice fascists, evacuated from his promise of lobby reform leaving his yellow dog in the front yard barking about the campaign finance promise he's abandoned as well, and left the knife in every progressive's back from Boston to San Francisco, all the while pretending to be Robert F. Kennedy with the voice and evangelical cadences of Martin.

Oh no, the joke is on the New Yorker. Obama is certainly not the radical leftest the Neocons would have the country believe he is. Far, far from it, indeed. But he is certainly not turning out to be the innocent progressive candidate that the Obama Campaign would have us believe either. Hence, the irony in The New Yorker's attempted satire. They don't quite get it either.

There is already a furor over this cartoon cover and it hasn't even hit the stands as of early today. Democrats are worried that people are not sophisticated enough to get the satirical point being made.

Personally, after last week's run right through the middle on his way to the broken right-wing of a chicken-shit covered banty rooster in betrayal mode, I hope every ignorant redneck in the South who turned to "guns and religion in their frustration" gets a copy of this because that's exactly what this back-stabbing pandering Chicago politician has done himself-- he's gone out and grabbed himself a rochet for his waist, a back pocket full of lobbfied Benjamin-faced religion and a mouthful of Reagan talking points now that he thinks he's got the nomination sewed up. I'm sure any misunderstanding this month's cover of the New Yorker causes will be insignificant compared to the misunderstandings he rendered himself regarding his true political positions during the primaries.

He may have even attempted to placate AIPAC, who had expressed concern over his position on withdrawal from Iraq, by softening his stance on their behalf. That would be the coup de grass against any further pretense of progressivism and all indications are that he's done just that.

Yes, after last week's right-wing mollifying performance by Barack Obama, whom I find can no longer be trusted, I think I'm going to be nauseated for months. I just want to scream "Larry What's His Name for President! Larry What's His Name for President" This guy Obama screwed us on the waaaaaa down low and never even offered us a toot.

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