Sunday, August 24, 2008

It's Now Irrevocable: Fox News Has Jumped the Shark

FoxNews from "the far left political groups in Denver" who want to "Recreate '68" [which was actually a series of police riots], Griff Jenkins manipulates the news:

GJ: "...the disgraced professor, Ward Churchill, refused to talk to me...and I got a little roughed up trying to ask [wearing a spotlessly ironed, still wrinkle-free white shirt]... and these people say they believe in freedom of speech." [grabs a young citizen wearing a bandanna mask] "What's the message? What are you upset about?"

Young Citizen: "Fe? Fuck the corporate media! Hahahahahaha"

GJ: "Well I guess they don't believe in freedom of speech." [moves on] "...'Defend Denver.' What's that about? ...Do you have a message?"

2nd Citizen: "I'm not talking to you." [......]

GJ: "What's a matter, don't you believe in freedom...."

Group of Citizens: "Yea, FUCK FOX NEWS! FUCK FOX NEWS!...."

Griff Jenkins doesn't seem to get it: Freedom of Speech also includes not speaking to Fox News. After all, they'll only spin your comments for purposes of political propaganda. The little blond bowhead spinning the event back at Fox Central only proves why folks in the street would refuse them the opportunity.

One thing seems certain: If Fox News or some other sensationalist provocateur can't provoke these demonstrators to violence so that they can compare the Democratic Convention to the Chicago Democratic Convention in 1968, then the Denver Police will have to start a police riot to match that of Chicago's in order to squeeze them for the required media payoff.

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