Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Neocon Wolf Blitzer of CNN Jumps the Shark; Takes the Political Sleaze Award

In the closing moments of their program, immediately after Hillary's breathtakingly inspired speech calling for party unity Tuesday night at the 2008 Democratic National Convention, CNN's Wolf Blitzer, posing in his usual role of "unbiased" team analyst and leadman of "The Best Political Team on Television," read a vicious statement in response to Senator Clinton from the McCain Campaign. It attacked her as insincere and hypocritical.

The collaborative nature of Blitzer's pretentiously innocent performance in reading something so grossly inappropriate in the midst of Senator Clinton's moment of glory was so thinly disguised, his sleaziness must have been discernible from the end zone bleachers at Invesco Field at Mile High. It came off as a blatantly duplicitous attempt at subversion.

An incredulous John King, his colleague, immediately gave him a not too subtle dressing down. Blitzer's behavior was so palpably sleazy that it set a tone of conflict for the rest of the broadcast from Denver.

Then at the break, we saw an even more tasteless display -- a McCain negative campaign ad, using Hillary's primary campaign criticism of Obama and slamming her for her change of attitude in support of Obama. It was spiteful; it was ruthlessly snide and Rovian; it was undignified. Worst of all, given the subtext obsequiously promoted by CNN and Fox for the last six months, it was a hateful display of unabashed white trash: "Hi, I'm John McCain and I approved this ad."

After the break, another member of the team started criticizing Hillary's speech for what she didn't say. James Carville could take it no longer. Completely at ease when the heat is turned up in "the kitchen," he pointed out to her that such "nit picking" was inappropriate and called for more dignity, given the setting. This, just before going on to express his own reprimand to Blitzer and then finishing off with a couple of typically Carvillian sound bites, "Let's face it: If you're a Republican, tonight was a bad night. There's no way around it. It was a good night for Democrats." [paraphrased] And another, "Hillary pitched a no-hitter; that was an all star performance, one for the Hall of Fame."

After another break, a Republican wonk in CNN costume, Alex Castellanos, attacked James Carville for chiding Blitzer and the bow-headed shill in the queen's chair. Then he went on to attack Hillary himself, opining what a sorry speech it was. He was so angry at Carville his voice was shaking.

CNN jumped the shark in my book. It was inevitable; there's too much riding for neocons on this election and they're becoming desperate. Wolf Blitzer, who is actually a longtime neocon who worked for the Israeli right-wing Jerusalem Post and the Likud-leaning AIPAC before being recruited by CNN, was clearly trying to subvert the Democratic message instead of just doing his job -- reporting the news. But that's exactly why he was hired; he's a neoconservative shill, the elephant in the living room no one will openly acknowledge. CNN has fallen into the controlled corporate media pit with Fox News.

I may not be all that supportive of Obama -- I'm still reeling from his "move to the middle," accompanied by his pro-FISA vote that granted telecoms retroactive immunity in their off-shore contract work for NSA. Nevertheless, after that down-at-heel, morally threadbare, classless and seedy reading of the McCain campaign invective -- live -- in the immediate wake of Senator Clinton's most grandiloquent career performance, followed by a commercial break highlighting a hate-filled piece of trailer park refuse with a smile on its face saying, "Hi, my name is John McCain and I approved this message" -- I still may not vote for Obama, but I'm sure as hell going to vote against McCain.

I will post Wolf Blitzer's post-speech duplicity when it becomes available. In the meantime, I present Hillary's stunning speech on behalf of unity:

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Jumping the Shark

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