Friday, August 29, 2008

Stepping Up to the Plate: Barack Obama's "Unapologetic" Acceptance Speech

Presidential speech writers David Gergen and Patrick Buchanan agreed: This was one of the best convention speeches ever. Obama laid into John McCain and spelled out the Democratic Party platform without the usual Democratic Party apologetics. The speech was unabashedly liberal. Neither did he pull any punches in dealing with Republican corruption nor the failures of the Bush Administration and its assault on the Constitution. He delivered it with intelligence and with fervor (once he got warmed up), starring into the teeth of destiny, as it were.

At the same time, by taking the high road for a day, John McCain redeemed himself, even if temporarily, by restraining his campaign from airing negative ads, given the sacredness of the date and the occasion. It was the anniversary of the assassination of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. carried out by the 1963 Coup d'Etat that brought Richard M. Nixon to power and entrenched itself within the shadows of government and its intelligence apparatus'.

McCain had been airing negative ads at the breaks, appearing, by all accounts, sleazy and desperate. He relented just for the occasion but promised a return to the sleaze for the following day.

No matter; many pundits are forecasting that he is being abandoned while Republican funding is being channeled into the coming battle for control of Congress.

All hope for the restoration of the republic lies with Senators Barach Obama and Joseph Biden. Yet, questions remain whether Obama can resist the faltering coup that brought America to her knees under Richard Cheney, George W. Bush, neocon apparatchiks and the titular head of the ruling oligarchy, George Herbert Walker Bush.

Apparently, in a completely spontaneous act, explained away later as an attempt to "warm up the crowd," Senator Joe Biden, Obama's vice presidential running mate, stepped out from behind the curtain in "an unscheduled appearance" for brief extemporaneous remarks that embarrassingly echoed the sound bites from his acceptance speech the night before. His reutterances rang unexpectedly hollow, falling like lead balloons, now appearing contrived and insincere in their redundancy. He was obviously elated to the point of impulsivity. His speech was slurred. Although no one dared make comment afterward, he appeared intoxicated.

"Apollo-13 to Houston."

"Go ahead Apollo-13."

"Houston, we have a problem."

At the close of the evening, not to be outdone by this week's shark jumping antics of Fox News* and CNN, the Associated Press put their own version forward of The Fonz** -- showing off his nuts -- to announce that Obama's speech was altogether sorry.

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