Friday, August 29, 2008

Palin? Sarah Palin? "Homing in on Halibut"? THAT Sarah Palin?

UPDATE: All-righty then. As it turns out, it is official. Oh, si, y wacha le pinci moooscas! So stop breathing though your mouth! You all look like Death standing in the corner sucking on a Life Saver.

EARLIER TODAY: It hasn't been confirmed. [Oh yes it has]. But seriously, Palin? Is this Potemkin Princess a political poseur? Is she being wiggled and cranked along the bottom like stink bait in the hopes the bigmouth bass with strike and run with it?

Has Karl Rove turned to games of cynical humor in his ever more sinister attempts to undermine faith in democracy while rubbing it in the faces of his former Machiavellian employers, now become neurotic -- those hand wrenching Straussians who now present the stigmata as if victimstance has jumped up from centuries of karma to yell "Boo!" in their faces? Bill Kristol and Joe Lieberman come to mind. Nauseating, isn't it?

So, where's the hot rod? I know there must be a photographer nearby waiting to take her picture posing on the hood. First it's Howdy Doody for eight years now this? I do have to admit, I like this one better than Anita Bryant. She didn't have a sense of humor at all, not even with her husband -- especially not with her husband.

Will Cindy be jealous?

Miss Alaska Runner-Up: Sarah Palin

There's a line from an old Rock & Roll song that signifies the endless possibilities that answer such cynical questions: "I'm like a one-eyed cat peepin' in a seafood store...." To say I'm suspicious fails to convey my incredulity. "Got my eye on you cause you don't love me no mo."*

Besides, what kind of looser would accept such an invitation to career suicide? .....unless she owns stock in Diebold and plans to work as a lobbyist for the oil bid'ness after a very short career in politics. Best keep that eye on this one.

Such sinister doings we've not seen before in America. At least not in politics during such a crucial time in our history. If this is a grab for Hillary's disgruntled supporters in the Democratic Party, it's damned insulting to Senator Clinton. Will the religious right rally behind the flag? I've said it once this week and I'll say it again: This should put to rest the argument over who has the judgment to be president.

*Factoid for today: Bill Haley's "one eyed cat peepin' in a seafood store" was notoriously suspicious. But that rendering of the metaphor came by changing the line that followed ever so gracefully to make it acceptable to white folks, as with the verse referenced above. Elvis restored it to Big Joe Turner's original rendition and got away with it on TV, a rendition that Jerry Lee Lewis certainly found suitable to his tastes Today's one-eyed cats work for Fox News and CNN and sit in the VPO eyeballing your money "till you can't spend it no mo."

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