Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Noun, a Verb and a POW

All week, literally every speech I watched during the Republican Convention focused on the heroism of John McCain because he "fought for our country," and survived five-and-one-half-years in Hanoi as a prisoner of war.

That's just wonderful, John. I hate that you suffered but there were others who suffered in that war as well, and they're not running the experience up the flagpole and calling it a qualification for the American presidency -- God forbid!

You see, John, it's just that I have always had a different perspective about war, particularly that war, John, and the current wars in the Middle East that the Bush Administration told lies to justify so that we could fight the Neocon's "never-ending wars" for oil and empire for them.

So this one's going out for you tonight, John, after watching your acceptance speech during which you reminded us yet again of what a great warrior you are and how you suffered for your country:

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