Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Amerikana Series: Sarah Palin and "The Disguised Self"

I think we should send this one to Rev. John Hagee, "psychologist" James Dobson and televangelist Pat Robertson just to provide them with a little "liberal" distraction during the presidential campaign via Martha Stewart and the Demon of Body Art who lives in Peanut Butter (be sure to refrigerate after opening).

Did you not know that the baronesses of the cosmetics and fashion industry, along with their fashion magazine editors, are possessed? The movie The Devil Wears Prada proved that, right? In fact, anyone who so much as applies blush is playing dangerously with the Whore of Babylon. Just ask any Pentecostal preacher. And there is surely a demon behind every Bush, a spiritual truth with which even progressives can agree!

So why do they let Sarah Palin off the hook? She wears enough to convince a skinhead there's actually a beauty queen underneath all that....camouflage. It is an "either/or" world, you know. I found that out from Dubya -- he told me so.

I wonder what Peanut Butter could do with a moose? But then, they tell me that Barbara Bush doesn't go out much in public anymore.

And before anyone accuses me of misogyny in politics, go look up the word-phrase "hypocrite religious right-wing-nut pandering for Pentecostal votes in make-up."

By the way, my favorite line by Martha in this absurdest's salon was, "Do you know what he's going to do to you girls?" Martha plays such a gracious host, doesn't she?

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