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Judith Miller -- Pentagon OSP Media Disinformation Specialist Hired by Fox

Judith Miller -- former Pentagon OSP Media Disinformation Specialist -- is now working for Fox News, according to a report by Editor and Publisher published on October 20, 2008.

The CIA has always employed members of the press for disinformation purposes. The Georgetown social club became infamous for providing members of the press for CIA media campaigns during the Cold War.

The only difference here is that Judith Miller wasn't working directly for CIA; but rather, for the Neocon intelligence office in the Pentagon, the Office of Special Plans, as was Ahmed Chalabi, who was feeding her "all the news that's fit to print" as they traveled about Iraq together with the U.S. Marine Corpse pretending to be looking for weapons of mass destruction that didn't exist.

In fact, due to the CIA "A-Team" conflict with the Neocon hawks of "B-Team" (who Cheney and Rumsfeld moved to the Pentagon to exploit), CIA was working to expose both Miller and Chalabi. Vice President Cheney rescued both of them after CIA raided Chalabi's Baghdad office, taking Chalabi's computers at the same time accusing him of working with the Iranians (a double feint, in that he was actually feeding the Iranians disinformation and the CIA both wanted to bust his role in helping Bush and Cheney fabricate a justification for the invasion of Iraq while reinforcing his standing with the Iranians, who were thinking all along they had him in their pocket as a double agent when he was in fact a triple agent working for OSP and Mossad on the promise he would be the new president of Iraq).

The sacking of Chalabi's Baghdad office by CIA was actually one of the hallmark events in the turfwar between CIA and the Neocon hawks of OSP. After CIA Director George Tenet took the fall for the "faulty intelligence" received by the Bush Administration, thus providing them cover from impeachment proceedings that a cooperative Congress wasn't about to initiate anyway, Cheney then let fall the Sword of Damocles. He never trusted CIA; now with the manufactured blame falling on CIA, he had the opportunity he'd always wanted and initiated a major purge. This further served his purpose of covering up the fact that the "faulty intelligence" that led to the invasion of Iraq had been manufactured under his authority; often under his direct orders.

But before Cheney could have his way with CIA, the Office of Special Plans was closed in June of 2003. In the early days of the invasion, a major scandal broke involving Neocon Larry Franklin, who was feeding the Israeli's classified intelligence on American operations in Iraq. Franklin quickly pleaded guilty for purposes of damage control. But the truth was out. The intelligence for the invasion had been a total fabrication and was proceeding along under orders from the Office of the Vice President and was being coordinated with Neoconservatives working in the national interests not of the United States, but of the state of Israel. Cheney's cable of Nonconservatives had now been indicted in the public discourse as having the "dual loyalties" indicative of their hawkish foreign policy positions.

It was all quickly swept under the carpet at Pentagon. Congress still refuses to execute it's constitutional duty to impeach and the two involved members of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), Steven J. Rosen and Keith Weissman, still have not come to trial. There is a lot of money riding on playing along for everyone involved. The truth of American politics is that one simply cannot get elected without the support of the Israel Lobby, which is the strongest lobbying force in the country today, having surpassed even the National Rifle Association. Despite promises of change by both Obama and McCain, you can count on Israel's continued influence in American government for years to come; that is, if the money holds up through the current crisis. If the money fails, there's always Mossad.

Miller went to jail for all the wrong reasons -- certainly not in the spirit of the First Amendment. The ostensible reason was to protect her source on the Plame scandal, Scooter Libby [pictured at right], who was rescued by Bush from doing time by presidential order to commute his sentence for perjury. Libby has since been outed as Mossad. Senator Joseph Lieberman holds onto a very tenuous position in the Democratic Party and is under great suspision himself, having demonstrated dual loyalties of the sort that border upon treason since the beginning of the war. But as anyone who weilds power can tell you, there is the kind of treason one commites in support of one's enemies, and there is the sort that is committed on behalf of one's friends. Despite all such artificial and dichotomous definitions there remains the matter of national interests and which nation's national interests are being served.

With the American economy on the verge of the abyss, it is much easier to make the case that treason has been committed by many officials in government who have allowed their dual loyalties to tip in favor of Israel and against the United States. By all definitions, that is treason. Judith Miller walks a dangerous line and her incipient relationship with Fox News does not help to mititgate the questionable effects of her loyalties and whose regime they have served.

Some members of the press actually could not differentiate between Miller's playing the hero for a fascist regime under Cheney and the true spirit of protecting one's sources from the government.

Miller was doing time knowing she'd eventually be rescued, making money for being there and providing further cover for the real story -- an even bigger story than the outing of Plame -- which is a story that Valerie Plame and Sibel Edmonds are still gaged from telling in the United States. So you'll have to read about the whole sorted affair at the Sunday Times Online, a London paper owned by, of all people, Rupert Murdoch, who was apparently not paying much attention to content when his London staff published this explosive story of corruption and espionage regarding the Bush Administration and some high ranking members of Congress, such as Speaker of the House, Denny Hastert, who has quietly stepped down because of this and other scandals, opting not to run for reelection, hoping the shadows will close in around him as he slips out the back way.

Number three at the State Department, Marc Grossman, was involved as well. Number two, Richard Armitage is suspect. One therefore has to doubt the squeeky clean reputation of former Secretary of State Colin Powell. Grossman's role was in tipping off members of the Turkish espionage ring to stay away from Valerie Plame and her CIA storefront operation, Brewster Jennings & Associates. Armitage admited being the first actually to make the breach in outing Plame; although, he claims it was a mistake that was not connected to Cheney's vendeta with her husband, former Ambassador Joseph Wilson. I don't have the energy to relate the entire story so you'll have to get it from three-part seriers published by the Sunday Times Online in London.

By hiring Miller, Fox exposed themselves yet again as the corporatist-run institution of Neocon disinformation that it always has been. Her job is disinformation, she knows it, she is in agreement with it, gets paid well and she likes it.

When her lips are moving, anyone who takes anything she says as anything other than the disinformation she is paid to shill-out is a damned fool. Everyone from Arlington to Mossad will laugh themselves silly at anyone who takes her seriously.

No really. This is absolutely straight-up the way it is. The press has always been in bed with the intel infrastructure. Cord Meyer of CIA (and the Georgetown set) was the most tragic of examples. While he was working to disinform the world as a pressman during the Cold War, JFK was playing hide the saussage with his wife, Mary. Of course, that overstates it all too bluntly. She and JFK went all the way back to college where they were an item together. She did acid with JFK on a few occassions while he was in the White House. [cf. Brothers, by David Talbot.] CIA's wizard of counterintelligence, James Jesus Angleton, was having a fit -- you see, he was in love with her too. Many analysts think he had her murdered because of what she might have known that was classified. Certainly, Angleton was so paranoid (like Cheney) that he thought Kennedy might have been a Soviet mole. Kennedy! Angleton was one crazy s.o.b. and more than likely, both he and Cord Meyer were at the center of the JFK assassination; although, to my knowledge, the Kennedy archives have not yet provided evidence of their direct involvement, the focus of which was centered at the rogue Miami Station of CIA.

You decide: Am I disinforming you? Or telling you straight up? Miller isn't just "wrong." She is right-wing wrong. (Say that five times out loud and win a trip of Hong Kong).

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