Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Nobody Gives a Crap

This piece was provided by my friend Kait:

White House Endorsed Waterboarding - No One Gives a Crap

by: Bob Powers
Remember George Bush? He's totally still the president. And he still did all that horrible crap to the nation, but we all just kind of got too distracted to care. The White House appears to be taking advantage of the busy election season by finally admitting to stuff we already knew he did a long time ago. Today's confession: "White House Endorsed Waterboarding."

Yup, don't really care right now. Just kind of waiting for you to leave, big guy.

With all eyes on the election, we imagine Bush will continue to slip some confessions under the door over the next few weeks, just to see if he can clear the air without anyone bothering to get all "impeach-y." Here's what we envision the papers to look like in coming days...

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