Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama Initiates 2012 Presidential Campaign; Selects Rahm Emanuel as Chief-of-Staff

Obama's caution in last night's victory speech that "change" will not happen all at once is not encouraging in the light of today's announcement of Rahm Emanuel's selection as chief of staff.

I. First, during the primaries, he tip-toed away from his commitment to Progressives to limit the influence of lobbyists. This is the bedrock of change; you simply cannot restore the Republic without limiting the influence of the lobbies.

The lobbies were the financial engine employed by Tom DeLay in the complete and utter destruction of the
democratic process in the House of Representatives.

The largest o
f these is the Israel Lobby, followed by the National Rifle Association. Bankers and other corporatists employ a variety of lobbies but they were all being organized under the "K-Street Project"in Washington D.C. by the minions of Tom DeLay and his comrade in corruption, lobbyist organizer Jack Abramoff.

II. The second sign of the betrayal was Obama's surprise vote in favor of the renewal and upgrade of the
Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) along with the immunity provision for the telecommunications companies, a provision that all but eliminates any hope that the National Security Agency (NSA) can be effectively investigated in their use of "offshore" telecom companies to spy on the American people.

Interestingly, the central telecoms involved, who NSA and the Neocon Pentagon wished to protect, were those "offshore" in Tel Aviv under private contract along with with Mossad and CIA sigintel crews operating
on-site, among whom were telecoms involved in the intel that warned against the terrorist strikes on 9-11 but, as it is now alleged, were ignored by the Bush Administration leaving open the question of complicity by the Office of the Vice President in facilitating the attacks. If true, it opens the Bush Administration to charges of high treason and the use of terrorism against the American people as an act of (false-flag) provocation in order to initiate a region-wide war of adventurism in the middle east.

Obama had changed his mind to vote with the Bush Administration on
the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) literally over a weekend where he was under intense pressure from his Indiana colleague Rahm Emanuel and the threat from the McCain Campaign to use a no-vote as evidence that Obama is weak on security issues. Members of Congress were denied access by the Administration to a list of telecoms the immunity provision would affect, an unusual act of disrespect indicating a lack of trust and/or the desire for a guarded outcome by manipulation for the expected rubber stamp from a compliant, indeed possibly criminally complicit, Congress.

III. The third event in this time line happened almost immediately
after the vote on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. He met with the Israeli Lobby, speaking before AIPAC and followed-up with a visit to Israel. All the while Joe Lieberman played the roll of yapping dog biting at the seat of his pants throughout this entire period of change.

From a progressive-pandering candidate of the people who recognized the paramount prerequi
site of limiting lobbies and special interests in the great task of rescuing democracy from the plundering hands of the Corporatists and Neocons, Barack Obama moved under the Shadow of the wings of the Great Shades of the right-wing in what seemed like only weeks.

And now Obama wants us to accept Rahm Emanuel? The "pit-bull" of big-donor fund raising? The Jack Abramoff of the Democratic Party? The former Bill & Hillary Clinton "New Democrat" apparatchic? I'm sorry, that is just too in-your-face. And what separates Rahm Emanuel from Joe Lieberman is that Emanuel never had to change parties in order to overtly expedite his dual loyalties.

So going into an Obama Administration that touts change in Washington as well as the withdrawal of forces from Iraq, the very first appointment Obama makes is a cross between Jack Abramoff and Joe Lieb
erman with the added nuance that Emanuel served in the Israeli Defense Forces under wartime conditions, hails from a family of -- let's call his father a "Zionist paramilitary insurgent" to be kind -- and holds dual citizenship in both the United States and Israel.

This is a major red flag that cannot be ignored. There is more th
an naiveté going on here on the part of a president elect, unfamiliar with the nuances of foreign policy and the contrivances of K-Street who wishes to demonstrate loyalty to an extremely talented Chicago collegue. Here, in the minds of Progressives from every quarter, we have the suspicion of a sell-out that some suspect was planned from the very beginning and approved by the Israeli Lobby.

If indeed, this is part of some lobbyist conspiracy that Obama hasn't yet figured out, this is as sinister as it gets. If his appointment of Emanuel in predicated on a calulated political gamble that he will be able to control the volitile and aggressive Emanuel, Obama reveals himself as overly optomistic and prone to take unnecessary risk as the boldest members of the Kennedy dynasty. Th
e selection of dual citizen Rahm Emanuel doesn't just smack of lobbies, it stinks to high heaven of APAC-Likud influence, of Bibi Netanyahu [on the right] and the extremist right-wing Zionism of Sheldon Adelson, the third richest man in America, 12th richest in the world, who sits on top of the largest money laundering operation in the world, the Las Vegas, Nevada, casino industry, which Adelson is using to fund the Netanyahu campaign in Israel.

Emanuel has already alienated himself from left-of-center Democratic stalwarts such as DNC Chairman Howard Dean and special issues philanthropist George Soros; although, their relationships were said to be on the mends going into the 2008 elections cycle. If former Clinton political adviser James Carville is still looking askance at Howard Dean, Dean can count the days before he is forced out since Obama's choice of Emanuel, if nothing else, indicates an alliance with the Clintons and their well-oiled political machine.

If the selection of Rahm Emanuel is indicative of Obama's current right-of-center political leanings, the betrayal by Obama of the Progressive Movement will not be undone soon, unless of course, Obama intuits that Progressives are part of a necessary coalition in order to insure a successful administration. And if the utility for personal exploitation is the criteria he imposes for his personnel and policy decissions, rather than the ideological needs for the restoration of repu
blican democracy, then Obama will very quickly be defined by his detrectors as the pandering narcissist some Progressives have already projected upon his dubious character, given numerous instances of insencerity, avoidance of taking stands before he can determine what's in it for him personally and, of course, his betrayals.

Indeed, with this appointment, it may already be to late for Obama to placate the Democratic Left. The now predictable ouster of Howard Dean will confirm the betrayal yet again and the Progressive Movement may well turn again to its favored son, Howard Dean, for a future challenge to Obama.

Many in this country think that Israel controls American
politics. They allow their antisemitism to drive their thinking from an emotional ground, one immersed in hate. It is just the opposite: The Zionist-Corporatist right-wing, its neoconservative aparatchicks in American government and a Zionist-Christianist American populist base controls Israeli politics.

More appropriately, we should describe it, as did Hillary, although indirectly, as a "vast right wing conspiracy," one that involves the largest of the lobbies that, in their aggregate, are responsible for the corruption of government with which Obama has pledged to change.

But "calling a spade a spade" doesn't go far enough. It's not just that the Israel Lobby is the largest of the lobbies and wields the most political power of any of the major lobbies simply by buying the candidates. It's not just that it implies an even greater risk to democracy that this lobby is dominated by internal right-wing forces of corporatism, shutting out the more moderate and progressive voices of the Jewish American community that seek to mitigate the extremist Zionism of their efforts. Even that seriously mendacious condition does not sound the alarms from "beyond the pale" as does the fact that this vastly powerful right-wing lobby, which has extended its tentacles via the interrelationship of the K-Street organization into virtually every lobbying wing in the United States, operates on behalf of the interests of a foreign nation -- a decidedly right-wing militarist foreign nation so paranoid for its existence as it render stability in the entire Middle East at risk with the coming ascension of its most extremest expression, the Likud Party under Benyamin Netanyahu.

And we didn't get enough of the Neocons with Scooter Libby, David Wolfowitz, David Wumzer, Elliott Abrams, Richard Perle and Douglas Feith?

My God, who will rescue us from these Corporatists and Neocons if not Obama? Does Obama have any idea what he's gotten himself into by making this apparent deal with the devil? Is this how he got elected. Did he cut a deal with them to get them not to commit election fraud against him? It this sounds over the top and I like a conspiracy theory fabulist, then you haven't been paying attention, dear reader.

Extending this discussion to the Vice President Elect, someone today said Joseph Biden is a good guy but also noted with caution that he proclaims himself to be a proud Zionist. Some would label Biden's pandering comments to Shalom TV the yammering of a politician. I confess that I don't know what to make of them.

But let's see, how long did it take? Obama was declared a winner last night around 11:00 PM and his announcement of Rahm Emanuel came at noon today! Let's hope he was only floating a name in order to gauge the American response. If that's the case, we should start making the phone calls first thing in the morning.

One thing seems predictable in Obama's strategy thus far: He is certain to avoid any decisions that threaten his current sweetheart relationship with the Isreal Lobby. If we can take him at his word when he warned last night in his victory speech from Grant Park in Chicago that we should not expect change to occurr overnight, we will see no change until he wins reelection in 2012, if then. His very first move, even before assuming office in January of 2009, was to initiate the reelection campaign of Obama-2012.


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