Thursday, August 4, 2011

China, the Policy of Containment and the Counter-Productivity of Islamophobia

As the United States continues the struggle to maintain its superpower status, it faces the reality of an overwhelming anti-American backlash due to its introduction and exploitation of Islamophobia, an extension of the Straussian "noble lie" used to justify "never ending war" to the American people.

Thus, the Machiavellian manipulation of a people already stirred since the Reagan years to a right-wing religious-political activism that featured intolerance as the hallmark of it's pretensions to righteousness and exceptionalism, has resulted in a triumphalist cultural momentum that is now meeting a wall of international resistance at a time when the American national security state is working to win the allegiance of the world's most populous Muslim state, Indonesia.

The U.S. Containment Strategy from Japan to Indonesia
The Importance of Indonesia

The new importance of Indonesia to American trade interests cannot be overstated. Trade agreements with the world's largest Muslim nation will help to pare down trade with China, whose wages are on a steady rise along with her developing high-tech industry and military; whereas,  Indonesia's labor force works for far less in wages than the Chinese and it's industry is not in a position to threaten America's dominance of high-tech industry and services.

The strategic thinking is, why support China's rise to superpower status by continuing to participate in the current trade imbalance that lopsidedly favors China's growing economy, an economy that is demanding exponentially increasing  amounts of oil and which threatens to drive up world energy prices while competing against America's own energy needs?

Indeed, it appears that we are already engaged in a cold war with China. Witness the increasing level of media and diplomatic rhetoric boiling out of the U.S. State Department and the corporate-controlled media. Today it was announced loudly and indignantly that China has been hacking into American industrial and diplomatic and military communications systems -- as if the U.S. doesn't do the same to all it's allies and trading partners.

Recently, as well, Obama met with the Dalia Lama, an event that outraged the Chinese. Last year, Obama accompanied the U.S. naval fleet to Indonesia, sending a brazenly pointed message to the Chinese as he arrived to negotiate trade agreements.

At a more covert, military level, the U.S. has been attempting to utilize the ring of islands from Japan to Taiwan to Indonesia, east of the Chinese mainland, in order to maintain geographically strategic choke points in the event the American national security state chooses to control the vital shipping lanes and oil fields in the South China Sea, along with the fishing grounds and trade routes in the East China Sea surrounding Japan's northern coast.

Last year's provocations against the North Koreans are said by many analysts to have been primarily directed at Japan's government in order to demonstrate the strategic necessity of keeping the U.S. bases at Okinawa open. In fact, the crisis forced the Japanese prime minister to resign. He had been elected on the promise to close the bases; thus, his platform was worthless once it was decided that Japan would continue it's military cooperation with the U.S. in the execution of  American foreign policy.

The military and economic strategy again being applied to China is known as the "Policy of Containment". It originated during the Truman years as a means to "contain" the spread of communism.

The "containment" of China not only involves the East and South China Seas from Japan to Indonesia, but also Central Asia, where the U.S. supports Uyghur independence groups in China's far western province of Xinjiang, on their border with Tajikistan. China plans to build oil and gas pipelines through the Tajikistan mountain passes that connect them with vitally needed Central Asian energy resources. The U.S. is working to keep them checked, or at least establish itself as the agent in control of the region's resources, which is what the war in Afghanistan is all about.

Ethnic populations of Pakistan.  Jundallah is a Baluchi terrorist group.
The Covert War Against Pakistan

Since Pakistan has recently signed a security agreement with China, the U.S. is now covertly at war with Pakistan with the intention of breaking Pakistan up into its five original provinces.  Pakistan also began building a major highway and pipeline route through it's mountain pass connection with southwestern China.

In addition to this, the U.S., Israel and NATO have been providing operational and financial support to the Baluchistani independence movement in southwest Pakistan, particularly the terrorist group Jundallah who conducts terrorists operations inside eastern Iran.  Containment of Iran is the strategy there as well.  The West especially wants to make sure that the planned Iran-Pakistan-China oil and gas pipeline never becomes operational and has enlisted the cooperation of India in it's Central Asian containment strategy.

Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bhutan, and Burma on China's southern border
China's Southern Border and the South China Sea 

Burma, Nepal and Bhutan, along China's southern border, have also seen an increase of Western intelligence operations (see map at left). The CIA is said to have also infiltrated Christian missionary groups and is using them to gather intelligence as well as enlist the support of locals.

Meanwhile, the U.S. is also working furiously to develop strategic ties to Vietnam, whose offshore oilfields have been under hegemonic threat by the Chinese for several years now, which brings us back to Indonesia, another country involved in territorial disputes with the Chinese over rights to offshore oil.  Conversely, Indonesia is also a country being groomed by China as a trading partner for advanced Chinese industrial and technical goods and services.

Indonesia has the largest Muslim population in the world. Combine that with the cooling of NATO/Turkey relations over Turkey's outreach to Muslim Iran and Syria, as well as Israel's agitation and subversion of the democratically elected government of Turkey, and the effects could jeopardize vital pipeline routes through Turkey to Caspian oil and gas, as well as access to the Black Sea through the Bosporus where the U.S. and NATO are  moving forward on pipeline deals that would bypass Turkey altogether.

Proposed pipeline network through the Balkans will avoid Turkey but presents a security challenge to NATO in the Black Sea.

The Counter-Productivity of Islamophobia

In the post-Afghanistan-Iraq invasion years, the U.S. is now faced with a major PR problem ignorantly unforeseen by the neocon Cheney/Bush Administration -- Muslim backlash.   While they were busy reinforcing and exploiting Christianist Islamophobia in the wake of 911, an event asserted by some to have been a staged false-flag operation with the operational support of Israel's notorious Mossad intelligence agency, the neocons in the Pentagon's Office of Special Plans failed to look beyond their immediate goals.

The Bush Administration exploited 911 with the intention of stirring-up support for America's imperialist energy and resource wars in the Middle East and Central Asia, as well as to placate Israel's security concerns about Iran's and Iraq's support for Palestinian sovereignty (the role of Saudi Arabia was downplayed in the media for obvious reasons, not the least of which was oil).

Policy wonks in the Pentagon had estimated that the U.S. had a window of only 5 years to fill the vacuum left in Central Asia and the the region south of the Caucasus after the fall of the Soviet Union before the Russian Federation could recover enough economic and military strength to begin an imperialist resurgence.  According to retired General Wesley Clark, the neocon's original plan, designed long before 911 furnished the casus belli,  was to take out Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Iran and Libya.  Other immediate goals involved support for the "flower revolutions" in Ukraine and Georgia.

But Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld failed to anticipate the widespread anger and resistance among Muslim nations in response to the Bush Administration's Zionist-centric exploitation of 911 and the scapegoating of the Muslim religion.  In fact, al-Qaeda was a CIA creation entirely. It was set up to channel weapons and funds to the anti-Soviet Mujaheddin forces in Afghanistan, then later used to stir-up Muslim support in the Balkans to break apart the former Soviet satellite nation of Yugoslavia.  Recently, a horrendous report surfaced, highlighting the testimony of former British General Michael Rose, which implicated the Clinton Administration in facilitating the massacre of Muslims at Srebrenica in 1995 in order to justify U.S. and NATO military intervention.  This story is still developing and has not yet been fully corroborated.

In retrospect, the Bush Administration's efforts to create and fan the flames of Islamophobia, as channeled for them by the apocalyptic false-prophets of fanaticism and hate to an American right-wing religious culture -- a culture that featured the political prominence of authoritarian-styled Evangelicalism, Christian Zionism and Dominionism -- can be perceived as nothing less than evil. 

So now, under a new administration faced with geopolitical realities that transcend the security concerns of Israel, U.S. foreign policy has taken a neoliberal turn.  The Obama Administration's goals in Central Asia, under the advisement of Zbigniew Brzezinski, continue to reflect the desire to contain a revanchist Russian military and political establishment, as did the neocon administration before them.  But now they have larger goals in mind -- goals that involve the containment of China in Central Asia, the South and East China Seas, Latin America and Africa.  One of the first events of NATO's Libyan conflagration featured the evacuation of Chinese workers in the oil and gas industry.  China's Libyan contracts are now "up in the air" as they say.

The U.S. cannot expedite it's containment strategies alone.  It needs to enlist the support of Indonesia and other Muslim nations.  The challenge now is to reverse the devastating effects on world opinion -- and particularly Muslim world opinion -- wrought by Zionist bigots in support of myopic goals.

Destruction in Oslo
Given recent events in Norway, which according to historian Webster Tarpley could very well have been a NATO false-flag operation used to kick-start a crack-down on the extremist right as well as to create suspicion of anti-Muslim Zionists in Israel and elsewhere, the questions are begged:

 (1) Is it possible that we are about to see a major move by the Obama Administration to dis-empower the Zionist neocon cabal entrenched within the Pentagon and the National Security Agency?

(2) Is the fall of the Zionist propaganda machine, New Corp/Fox News a calculated neoliberal operation to take apart the neoconservative media that has whored itself to Israel's right-wing government and to it's powerful lobbyists in the United States?

(3) If Obama is reelected in 2012, will we see the globalist "neoliberal" agenda of Zbigniew Brzezinski in full bloom?

(4) If so, are they risking open warfare -- WW-III?

Crusading Knights Templar
Even if the Oslo bombing and mass murder of Norwegian youth was the work of an extremist cell with connections to other extremist groups throughout Europe, as Rahm Emanuel is quoted to have said, "[The American National Security State] should never let a good crisis go to waste," meaning, of course, that it should be exploited.  And exploit they will.

There has been an ongoing turf-war between the neocons of the Pentagon/NSA and the traditionalists within CIA since the first days of the Bush Administration, and it is thought that Obama has been working to restore the CIA to it's traditional status within the national security state while he attempts to undo the enormous damage done to America's image abroad.

The Challenge

Unless and until the U.S. and NATO vigorously attack American and European Islamophobia, the commercial and security interests of the West will be threatened in the Middle East, Central Asia, Africa and Indonesia.  Even though at this point it may appear disingenuous, given America's continued pursuit of empire, the intelligent way to dissipate resistance to American interests among Muslim nations is to resolve the cultural conflict created by an overzealous and paranoid Zionist propaganda machine which finds it's context within the decades-log attitude of arrogant disregard America has displayed for Muslim culture in general, and Arab nations in particular, in it's brazenly amoral pursuit of commercial enterprise.

The task of rapprochement with the Muslim world will not be easy. The suddenly incipient strategy may necessitate the eventual abandonment of Israel, or at the very least, bringing Israel to heel, just as former President George H. W. Bush suggested before coning under the reactionary Israeli threat of blackmail vis-a-vis  Mossad's inside knowledge of the October Surprise, the Iran/Contra Affair, the Arms for Hostages scandal, the arming of both sides in the Iran-Iraq war, the secret wars in Latin America, the Bush family role in the CIA's assassination and coup d'etat against John F. Kennedy and Poppy Bush's pederastic proclivities and involvement in the Franklin Credit Union--Boys Town, Nebraska scandal and cover-up of the early 80s.  Sexual and political blackmail, bribery, media propaganda and election campaign funding are the modus operandi of Mossad and the Israel Lobby in manipulating American politicians of every stripe.  His position as the titular head of CIA did not protect Bush from betrayal from within when it came to Israeli security interests.

Demonstrations in Israel this week:  "Mubarak, Assad, Bibi Netanyahu!"
Is it possible that the CIA and NATO are stirring up and exploiting the demonstrations in Israel this week in order to depose Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu and Avigdor Lieberman?  The right-wing coalition they formed to take the last election has resulted in a fascist-leaning, stridently Zionist government that is responsible for a dramatic increase in Islamophobia.

Pro-Zionist neocons and Israeli dual citizens who occupied seats of power in the Bush/Cheney regime, supported by right-wing talking heads in the corporatist controlled mainstream media, particularly Fox News and CNN, are responsible more than anyone past or present for the spread of anti-Muslim bigotry in the United States. 

Now, at the peak of a career framed around tough "anti-terrorist" rhetoric while riding the tide of  three generations of expansionist and systematic anti-Palestinian ethnic cleansing known as "Plan Dalet", and while threatening to oppose the reelection of President Obama at every turn in order to back him off from his demand that Netanyahu stop the illegal settlements in the West Bank, it seems the shoe is on the other foot for Netanyahu.  Netanyahu now enjoys only 40% support in the Israeli polls and demonstrators in the streets last weekend were demanding that he step down.  It seems that now Obama can turn the screws.  Netanyahu's reelection is no longer a forgone conclusion.  Even his top American contributor, Las Vegas "Casino King" Sheldon Adleson, is under investigation.

In the meantime, pro-Zionist Rupert Murdoch is on the run, struggling to save News Corp and it's American affiliate, Fox News, from an investigation that threatens to expose a culture of corporatist corruption involving kick-backs for insider information, phone and computer hacking, and cooperation in disseminating government disinformation with a special helping hand offered in dissembling Israeli PR.  

In Israel, as the middle class continues to suffer under the weight of elitist-centric international corporatism, the demonstrations promise to continue. 

Christian Zionist Pastor John Hagee
 If indeed we are witnessing a more intense neoliberal foreign policy under Barack Obama, look for agents within the Obama regime to begin concerted efforts to covertly discredit and isolate the Christian Zionist movement in the United States (Rev. John Hagee, for example) as well as to dis-empower the intolerant, theocratic Dominionist and Evangelical social and political elements who have exerted overwhelming influence across the previous three decades and who have contributed to the demise of the American republic as well as it's replacement by a creeping and pernicious form of authoritarian corporatocracy.

These are not the only subcultural centers of Islamophobia.  Right-wing extremist groups such as the various wings of the Christian Nationalist Movement and their paramilitaries can expect increasing scrutiny by an increasingly despotic federal government led by its national security state, given legitimacy by the Patriot Act.  When violence erupts, we can expect exploitation of the events toward the goal of demonstrating America's "good faith" in working against religious intolerance.  It's an uphill struggle and, although it is surely an entirely disingenuous display of religious tolerance and the protection of minority rights promoted as part of the new PR campaign aimed at the world's Muslim population, it will at least provide some respite from the evils of exploitation until they can paint the monster with a new color.

The Downside 

Alex Jones
Prescient conservative American commentators, such as Constitutionalist Alex Jones, are alarmed at the coming crackdown, which they say has already been announced by Homeland Security administrators as a general warning against "white al-Qaeda" terrorist cells in the United States, a propaganda campaign that is now being modified to focus on domestic right-wing extremists in general, sans the anti-Muslim tag lines that were originally imposed.  Their concerns include the abuses of the Patriot Act, attacks from the left against the 2nd Amendment right to bare arms, domestic surveillance of the civilian population and of peace activists, invasive TSA searches in violation of the 4th Amendment, the increasing incidence of police brutality, as well as continuing public apathy in disregard of America's devolution into a police state.

The really agonizing thing about rooting for one side against the other in these persistent American "culture wars" is knowing that it all works to the advantage of the international bankers and war mongers whose livelihood depends on the fomenting of international and domestic conflicts by their apparatchiks in government.

A Word to Christian Zionists

Just remember this: The Kingdom of God is Within You.  If anyone comes to you saying, "Look, it is here," or "Look, there it is over there," or "Look, the Jews have returned to Israel, the 'Promised Land'," do not be fooled or misled. Such fantasies are based upon the illusions of materialist-based religion.  They overtly promote racism and the false belief in American, or Jewish or European exceptionalism.  Peace will not come until we look within and find the Spirit that unites us.

Obama's Revenge

On several occasions, President Obama has insisted publicly that Israel should stop the settlements in the West Bank and return to the 1967 borders established by the United Nations.  Each time in response, Netanyahu met with Obama behind closed doors at the While House to remind him of the power of the Israel Lobby to influence national elections.  Ironically, now it seems the shoe is on the other foot.  Payback is hell, eh, Bibi?

"Mubarak, Assad, BiBi Netanyahu!"

The rhythmic background voices in the video are coming from last weekend's anti-Netanyahu demonstrators who are chanting, "Mubarak, Assad, BiBi Netanyahu" (implying the order in which they fall from power).

~Peace to all.